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I am trying to generate xhtml from dita using the ID Workbench (which works fine =)), but I also need to have every generated html file with a snippet of Javascript at the top of it. This javascript will be the same for every file.

Is there a way to add this in somehow? I can't seem to find any answers?

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As I recall, ID Workbench uses the open toolkit to generate output, albeit with some customization. These steps work with the open toolkit, do not require creating a customization, and should work with ID Workbench as well.

  1. Create a file with the javascript that you need to add, enclosed in a tag. For example:

    <script type="text/javascript"><!--
        window.alert("Hello world!");

    This file must be well-formed or it will not be used.

  2. Add one of the following build parameters, depending on whether you need the snippet to be included in the HTML <head> or <body>.

    • To include in <head>: args.hdf="path_to_snippet"
    • To include in <body>: args.hdr="path_to_snippet"
  3. Build your XHTML.

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You have to create a customization to do it the official way. I'm not familiar enough with workbench to tell you how to integrate it. Don't be afraid of creating your own post-process that adds the javascript after the html files have been created.

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