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I have a database that look like this:



I have my C# Objects that look like this:

public virtual IEnumerable<InvoiceDetail> InvoiceDetails { get; set; }


When I try to use:

MyDbContext.Invoices.Where(inv => inv.Id == 1).Include("InvoiceDetails").FirstOrDefault();
MyDbContext.Invoices.Include("InvoiceDetails").Single(inv => inv.Id == 1);

I have an exception :

A specified Include path is not valid. The EntityType 'DataAccessLayer.Database.Invoice' does not declare a navigation property with the name 'InvoiceDetails'.

I do not understand why it search 'DataAccessLayer.Database.Invoice' which doesn't have its model there. I also doesn't understand the "navigation property" because I am using Poco object (code first).

Any one know how I can do this zero to many relationship?

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I think you want to use ICollection<InvoiceDetail> instead.

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+1 Nice catch. I haven't created the class and I have not realize that the virtual method were returning an IEnumerator instead of an ICollection. –  Patrick Desjardins Mar 20 '12 at 14:05

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