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I'm trying to make an author page in my WordPress blog. I have one thing that I try all the way and didn't make it.

I want to display the number of the posts from each author, but I can't make that just use <?php the_author_posts(); ?> because I'm not in a single.php file.

So far I know I have to use the <?php echo get_the_author_posts(); ?>, but that didn't work either because I can't specify what the author ID is. So I tried something like that: <?php echo get_the_author_posts( $id_ir_email = '1'); ?>, didn't work either.

Any idia how to resolve that?

In resume, I just want to write "Admin has written X posts on this blog" outside the single.php

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Not sure if this helps or not but I created a blog page where i wanted posts from a specific author:

// Reset Query because I had already done a query on the page.

// The Query for a specific author

Info from this page.

Using this you could loop through and count the posts.

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I think isn't enough because the page will have all the authores. – euDennis Mar 21 '12 at 14:58

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