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I tried to use the code below in order to set default values into %1 %2 and %3, but when I try to use them I get unexpected behavior, %1,%2 and %3 are zeros


    'IF [%1]==[] (
         SET /P isDefault=Value Missing, do you want to use default values 1,1,10?[y/n]
         IF %isDefault%==y (
             SET 1=1
             SET 2=1
             SET 3=10
FOR /L %%A IN (%1,%2,%3) DO (
    netsh interface ipv4 add address "Local Area Connection 2" 169.254.89.%%A
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I suspect that command line variables (as %1,%2 using as their substitutions) are not allowed to be modified. Instead use intermediate variables:

 IF ..
       set var1=1
       set var2=1

 set var1=%1
 set var2=%2

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I was in the middle of writing something similar :) but having trouble getting dos to ECHO the intermediate variables. – Tony Ashworth Mar 20 '12 at 15:16

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