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Is there a way to manage imports of subclasses by inheritance?

I know that this isn't the purpose of inheritance, but I would like to do so, because I have a sort of java source template for the QA-people in my company. I don't want them to worry about imports when pasting java-ified selenese inside the java template.

Do you know of any frameworks, annotations or the like, that is able to do so?

Example of what I mean (with an imaginary @inherit annotation):

import xyz.ABC
class Super{

And now the subclass doesn't need to import ABC anymore:

class Sub extends Super {
     ABC abc;
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Please clarify on importing a subclass - a superclass usually doesn't care about its subclasses - I wouldn't expect import statements for subclasses. –  Andreas_D Mar 20 '12 at 14:53
I tried to clarify what a mean by giving an example with an imagenary annotation. –  devsnd Mar 20 '12 at 15:10

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I do not exactly know if it is possible to annotated import statements (they're not in the list and I can't try it on the fly) and I'm sure, that it can't be done with apt, because the annotation is not defined on the class that has to be compiled.

But you could tag the import statements with annotations (if possible), javaDoc tags or predefined comments and use a custom tool to reads this information from the superclasses source file and modify the source code before it gets compiled.

You'd need a library that can be used to parse java source files.

As an alternative - you may be able to provide/generate the source files with fully qualified classnames only, so that the classes won't need any import statements at all:

class Sub extends Super {
     xyz.ABC abc;
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Thank you for your answer. But as you can imagine this isn't pressing enough to get into source code preprocessing, as it would only be syntactical sugar. I wondered if somebody already did just that. Unfortunately someone downvoted my question, so it won't find any answer soon... –  devsnd Mar 20 '12 at 16:05

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