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i was using the compatibility library android.cupport-v4.jar that android is giving, i found an issue, i started building a TabActivity that contained several fragments into it's tabs.

I have a starting tab that has a GridView, from the listener of the item in the adapter i call the following code:

FragmentManager manager = getSupportFragmentManager();
FragmentTransaction ft = manager.beginTransaction();
ft.add(R.id.relativeLayoutContent, newFragment);
//        ft.replace(R.id.relativeLayoutContent, newFragment);

The issue is when i open the new Fragment and go back to the first one, it doesn't go for the onAttach, cause it was never de-attached, and since the new Fragment was, the activity is now holding the last one, but not the first one, if i try to click an element again, it will crash telling me that the getActivity method from the Fragment is null.

Any workaround on this?

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