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I'm currently working on a Facebook app using ActionScript 3.0. The current strategy is to load every single picture in a person's album and then display them. However, we are experiencing unacceptable loading times for larger albums (300+), which is about 50-60 seconds. Users with a thousand images would wait and quit the app for sure.

Since we can't force the user to stare at a loading screen for this long I have tried to come up with several solutions, which I will present here:

Attempt 1:

Instead of using a separate Loader instance to load each image, I grabbed BulkLoader, added every image to a single bulkloader instance and started downloading them with four open connections (I am unsure if all are used, but I set it to that value).

Attempt 2:

Thinking that the file size of each large album image might be to blame (I calculated that 300 images with ~70kb would turn into 2.1mb, more for larger albums), I reprogramed the loading function to only load the thumbnails first. Then, when the user clicks on an album, the larger is loaded, but not before.

However, testing both attempts did not yield significant improvements to the loading time. I have run out of my conventional wisdom and would like to ask the community, how can I improve the loading time?

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Have you tried making your code async (spawning a new thread) so the app UI can still function while the real images are being loaded? – DMCS Mar 20 '12 at 19:49
@DMCS: Thanks for your comment! Multithreading is not natively supported by AS3 and it would be a lot more code to create an asynchronous application. While possible, I would like to defer this type of work until I find out that there is no solution to this problem and I can't change the design of the program. – IAE Mar 20 '12 at 20:37

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