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When choosing the LabDefaultTemplate then there is the option to revert the environment to a certain snapshot before test execution.

Now is it possible to revert the virtual machines used in the testsettings files back to a certain snapshot when using the DefaultTemplate?

There is no intellisense support and i cant figure out how this could be done.

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You can try editing your DefaultTemplate so that the Activity "RestoreLabEnvironment" is inserted and used. I think this does what you are looking for, since it sets a specific SnapshotId to a Lab Environment defined by its LabEnvironmentUri:
enter image description here
Activity resides under Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Lab.Workflow.Activities, and in the VS-Toolbox under "Team Foundation LabManagement Activities".

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The default template has no support for lab management.

Why not just switch to using the Lab Management template?

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