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I made and am selling a simple game on the iOS App Store. It was just to get my feet wet, go through the process, etc... The game sells for .99 cents (USD) and has actually earned some sales - around 28 or so.

It's been over a month since the game has been for sale and I've received my earnings reports.

Clearly I have not exceeded the $150 minimum payout Apple has set, so I'm not getting paid. BUT, what if I never do. Does that money never pay out? Does Apple just keep it? How is that fair?

I don't need the money and its not like its thousands, but its kinda upsetting / depressing? Money is money...

If nothing else it has driven me to much improve the game in hopes of provoking more sales and ultimately earning more than the threshold but I've currently moved on to my 2nd game and plans for the first game have been shelved for a few weeks.

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They do occasionally pay amounts less than the $150 minimum, maybe just at the end of the financial year but some people have reported receiving small amounts more often than once a year so you might be lucky.

You will get your cash eventually, better to stop worrying and write more apps!

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I'm not worrying, they just don't make it evident in the FAQ's what happens if the threshold isn't exceeded. Thanks for the heads up. I've taken on a graphic designer (for a profit split for now) - i'm just a programmer - so full steam ahead! –  lsiunsuex Mar 20 '12 at 15:51
Yeah Apple aren't the easiest company to do business with that's for sure. –  trapper Mar 20 '12 at 15:56

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