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How to make a transition to the specific slide, for example if i have 1,2,3,4,5 buttons, the current slide is 4, and i want go to the 2 slide, how can i do it in cycle plugin of JQuery

$.fn.cycle.defaults = {
    animIn:        {},
    animOut:       {},
    fx:           'fade',
    after:         null, 
    before:        null, 
    cssBefore:     {},
    cssAfter:      {},
    delay:         0,    
    fit:           0,    
    height:       'auto',
    metaAttr:     'cycle',
    next:          null, 
    pause:         0,    
    prev:          null, 
    speed:         1000, 
    slideExpr:     null,
    sync:          1,    
    timeout:       4000 

which of these options can be used to do that?

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From the documentation, here and here, it is evident that the cycle plugin supports paging out of the box by use of the pager option, which specifies what element should act as the pager.

.before('<div id="nav">') //insert the pager element before the cycled element
    fx:     'turnDown', 
    speed:  'fast', 
    timeout: 0, 
    pager:  '#nav' 
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