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When I run a program I've written, I get the following two error messages (multiple instances of them infact). The program is quite big so can't show it here. Anyway, any idea what kind of programming error can cause these errors? Note that I'm using both mmap and mprotect in my program.

Internal kernel structures could not be allocated.
mprotect: Cannot allocate memory
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If you Google it, you'll find reference to it in the man page for mprotect under ENOMEM. How much memory are you trying to allocate, and how much do you have on the system? –  Dan Fego Mar 20 '12 at 16:17

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Most likely you are calling mprotect() on memory that you don't own. Eg., you might be calling mprotect() on memory that wasn't returned by mmap() or that has been unmapped with munmap().

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