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I want my Vim to run some commands, such as setlocal spell spelllang=en_us when I edit a file with extension of en, e.g. abc.en. How can I implement this?

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    augroup spell_settings
" set en_us as default language (unknown extension):
        au BufEnter * setlocal spell spelllang=en_us
" set en_us for en files specifically:
        au BufEnter *.en  setlocal spell spelllang=en_us
" to add multiple commands just append:
        au BufEnter *.en  setlocal syntax on
    augroup END
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Thank you so much. It can wok! But what can I do if I want to run more than one command for en file? such as syntax on. I prefer to make the en file as a new filetype, but I don't know how to tell vim to run some commands when it's editing new file type –  remy Mar 20 '12 at 16:32
@remy, updated the answer –  perreal Mar 20 '12 at 17:08
Thank you, I know how do it. –  remy Mar 21 '12 at 2:52

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