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If the question is not clear enough, I will try to explain it:

I am wondering if you can add the extension code/script to your repository and enable it inside .hg/hgrc with a relative path.

If possible, this should enable you to distribute extensions with the repositories, as long the extension "code" can run on each platform.

Some, question applies for git.

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With Mercurial, you can add the extension code to the repository without a problem and you can also reference this same extension with a relative path.

However, and this is a deal breaker I think, you cannot enforce the activation of the extension upon the clone. Each user will have to setup manually the extension in his hgrc.

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"Each user will have to setup manually the extension in his hgrc" - projrc extension (now - part of TortoiseHG) solves this problem. But mentioned by Mark show-stopper still exist – Lazy Badger Mar 21 '12 at 4:37

I've found that distributing an extension in the repository is fine, but the users should install it outside the repository. The reason for this is that if a newer version of the extension is released, updating to older history downgrades the extension. @krtek is right, the user has to enable the extension manually in .hg/hgrc as well.

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