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I've been working for many hours trying to do a "simple thing": use a regex to validate a text field.

I need to make sure of:

1- Only use (a-z), (A-Z) and (0-9) values 2- Add a SINGLE wildcard only at the end.






No match


No match


I have this regex till now:


The problem is it still matches when I introduce an invalid character as long as I have a matching sub-string See my REGEX

What can I do to force a match on the whole string? What am I missing?


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Use ^ (start of line) and $ (end of line) to only match the whole string:


(If you have a multiline input you can also use \A and \z - start and end of string)

On a second look, I don't understand the end of your regex: . (anything) \z * ? (end of string, zero or more times, zero or one time). This regex will match something like:


Is that correct? If you only want the character *, you should use:


Also, as Robbie pointed out, you're including spaces and the - in your list of accepted characters. If you only want letters and digits, a shortcut would be using \w (word characters):


However, depending on whether the matcher is Unicode-aware or not, \w will also match non-ASCII letters and digits, which may or may not be what you want.

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Thx! My regex is my lame attempt to include "*" at the end as option. And yes, I need spaces and dashes. – code-gijoe Mar 21 '12 at 11:58

Try this one :


^ string start

$ string end

* is meta character so it should be escaped like \* to use it as a letter

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I think you just need ^ at the begining and $ at the end


Also, you don't need the \z

Also, you haven't mentioned that you want to allow spaces and dashes - but you have included them in your allowed character set.

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