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I am new to NatTable and was looking to print the NatTable.

I know about paperClips for SWT tables but couldn't find anything similar for Nattable. has anyone tried printing or even saving the Nattable data as imagedata?

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You can press CTRL+P while the NatTable has focus. This should give you a print dialog.

In code it will create a new PrintAction. Check out: org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.nattable.print.action.PrintAction to see how that works.

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That's true in case you are using a GridLayer with DefaultGridLayerConfiguration. There the DefaultPrintBindings are aggregated which add the binding for CTRL+P.

Also the PrintCommandHandler is registered against the GridLayer.

So if you are using a GridLayer, the above statement is perfectly correct, otherwise you need to ensure to register the PrintCommandHandler and the corresponding binding to your layer composition.

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