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Im still really new to python3 and could use a little help
I would like variable a to be printed showing the area of a circle in the following code

from math import pi

def area(r):
    a = pi * r**2
    return a

if __name__ '__main__':
    r = int(input("Enter the Radius: "))

now i know that a is not defined and if i define it as a global variable and give it 0 it
it dose not return what i want obviosly so my question is how do i fix this im sure its something really simple

thanks in advance

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a = area(r)

The variable a is local inside area() function, so you can not use the variable outside it. But since you return the value, wherever you call area(r), this is an expression whose value is what is returned inside the function, so it will evaluate to the original a.

When you type a = area(r), you will give to a new local variable called a the value of area(r), which is the value you passed to return inside the function. You could as well do simply:

r = int(input("Enter the Radius: "))
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excellent thank you very much that is very helpfull –  Mike Mar 20 '12 at 17:01

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