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I have an android application in which I have to execute some tasks at very short intervals 20-30seconds. It is a requirement, it is somehow a "monitoring" app and it won't be for commercial purposes so no need to worry about battery and data usage.

I am scheduling tasks using java.util.Timer like this :


I know how to stop the tasks being executed using :


and I am doing this when my Service is stopped.

THE PROBLEM: If my app crashes at some point, the onDestroy() method of the Service is not called and the mTimer never gets canceled, and those task keep getting executed. How can I be sure that they are canceled when my app crashes or it is force stopped from the Settings->Application ?

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You need to investigate UncaughtExceptionHandler as a way of catching the crash; you can cancel the timers in this handler.

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I'd suggest wrapping your code with try-catch blocks and if app crashes, do all clean-up in finally block.

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You could also have your Task contain a weak reference to the Service and, each time it gets executed, check if the Service is still valid. Not the prettiest solution but may work ;)

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