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I'm working on a page that has some ads on it. One of them loads in an ad with wmode=window. I don't have the ability to change that flash code. I need to put a modal box on top of that flash element, but every combination of using z-indexes and iframe shims has failed (both manually and using bgiframe). Is there a way to place html content on top of a flash element with wmode=window? I'm testing this in chrome so far... figuring if I can't at least get it to work there, it won't work anywhere.

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heya im in australia, 5am, so im goin to sleep i will check tommorow – joshua Mar 20 '12 at 17:56
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I'm afraid there is no way around it.

WMODE-window forces the browser to render the element on the very top layer, and it will overlap everything.


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Yes it is possible, i had done this before using php and Css, your right though i did use the index "z" properties in my CSS Sheets than i had used php divs to what your trying to do, i maned to get 3 transparent flash Movies on top of each other , it was a pain for me and not much documents on this at the time,

trial and error is your best go, i had deleted my old web server i had used this method for, if you get desperate i will have a look through backup drives, but it is possible so dont give up

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