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I'm using tinymce 3.4.9 and I have a problem. when I insert a video from youtube, i see that the video has been insert to the textarea, but when I use

alert(tinyMCE.get('TextInp' id).getContent());


alert(oTinyMCE.get('TextInp' id).getContent());


alert($('#TextInp' id).html());

It's print (as alert) all the text except the youtube embed (iframe i think it should be). It's gone.

I'm Initializing the tinymce like this:

var oTinyMCE=new tinymce.Editor('TextInp' id, {
            theme : "advanced",
            theme_advanced_toolbar_location : "top",
            theme_advanced_toolbar_align : alignMe  ,
            width: MCEWidth,
            height: MCEHeight,
            relative_urls : false,
            remove_script_host : false,
            plugins : "safari,pagebreak,style,layer,table,save,advhr,advimage,advlink,emotions,iespell,inlinepopups,insertdatetime,preview,media,searchreplace,print,contextmenu,paste,directionality,fullscreen,noneditable,visualchars,nonbreaking,xhtmlxtras,template,wordcount",
            theme_advanced_buttons1 : "bold,italic,underline,strikethrough,|,justifyleft,justifycenter,justifyright,justifyfull,formatselect,fontselect,fontsizeselect,|,forecolor,backcolor",
            theme_advanced_buttons2 : "cut,copy,paste,pastetext,pasteword,|,bullist,numlist,|,outdent,indent,|,undo,redo,|,link,unlink,image,cleanup,|,insertdate",
            theme_advanced_buttons3 : "hr,removeformat,visualaid,|,sub,sup,|,charmap,emotions,iespell,media",
            language: myLang,
            directionality : dir

What can be the problem?


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Looks like your tag gets stripped out. You will have to modify the tinymce settings valid_elements and valid_children to your needs.

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I'm sorry, but I didn't understand you. What sould I do? –  Nir Mar 21 '12 at 19:24
I put the code under 'Full XHTML rule set' and it didn't help. –  Nir Mar 21 '12 at 19:36
where did you put code under "Full XHTML rule set"? –  Thariama Mar 22 '12 at 9:20

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