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I've recently switched to .NET4.0 and I'm using VS2010 to develop in.

My scenario is that I have an MVVM WPF application and VS2010 is now pausing and catching the Exceptions being thrown by properties on the VMs when the binding has the ValidateOnExceptions="True" (i.e. I want to throw those Exceptions and they will result in the Validation status changing on the View).

It's really annoying and disruptive to my dev process.

Is there any way to prevent it from doing it?

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From the menu Debug -> Exceptions .. you can choose to break when an exception is thrown, regardless of whether or not it is handled, by checking the Thrown check-box. Check the User-unhandled to only have the debugger break if that exception is not caught in your code. You can use the Find.. button to search for specific exceptions that are giving you problems. You can use the Add.. button to add any exceptions that you have created, but you need the full namespace of your custom exceptions in order for them to be recognized properly.

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Okay. I'm curious as to what best/typical practice is here then... I'm guessing that I should create a custom exception class like UIValidationException and then tell VS2010 to ignore that Exception class? I find it strange that VS2010 didn't do this when the project was built with .NET 3.5... – toadflakz Mar 21 '12 at 8:56
@toadflakz - I don't think this problem is encountered enough to have a best practice. – Charles Lambert Mar 21 '12 at 14:30

The menu item "Debug" -> "Exceptions" will let you choose which exceptions that should cause the debugger to break.

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