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Can a struct be inherited in C++?

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Yes, struct is exactly like class except the default accessibility is public for struct (while it's private for class).

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Yes. The inheritance is public by default.

Syntax (example):

struct A { };
struct B : A { };
struct C : B { };
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Other than what Alex and Evan have already stated, I would like to add that a C++ struct is not like a C struct.

In C++ a struct can have methods, inheritance etc. just like a C++ class.

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a C++ struct can be like a C struct. When it is, its called a POD - Plain Old Datatype. It is an important distinction, since for example, only POD structs can be part of unions. –  camh Jun 11 '09 at 7:00
But PODs can have methods, so are not "like" C structs in the sense which cgorshing is talking about. –  Steve Jessop Jun 11 '09 at 11:09

of course. In c++, structs and classes are nearly identical (things like defaulting to public instead of private are among the small differences).

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