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Good Day,

I'm using an application that stores functions in a custom file extension (.mts).

For example I have subroutines located in functions.mts. I'm using Subversion to store the changes made over the lifetime of this project.

Is there a way to customize Subversion so that I can diff the two files as if I was using C#?



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Do you mean as if the .mts files were themselves C++ files? If that's what you mean, Subversion doesn't have anything to do with it, because its internal diff only cares if a file is text or binary.

If you mean you want to use the same diff tool as your C++ IDE uses, you can configure Subversion (or identify on the command line) that you want to use an external tool for examining differences:


For instance, I have in my ~/.subversion/config file this directive:

diff-cmd = colordiff

This means that when I use svn diff I get colorized differences.

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Have you tried using diff exactly the same as with any other file? As far as I know it doesn't care about extension at all - you should be able to compare them like anything else.

I have tortoisesvn on this machine and selecting diff on two files with extension .test worked as expected.

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I did do that. I tried to compare the last two checkins for the file in question and I got a "Changed Files" dialog. See omnicom-innovations.com/Images/QTP-Compare.png –  coson Mar 20 '12 at 17:56
Yes, I did. I tried comparing the last two check-ins. Oops. –  coson Mar 20 '12 at 17:57

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