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Is it safe calling QObject::deleteLater() when pointer equals 0? I googled it and searched in documentation, but I didn't find any helpful information.

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You should not be able / should not do any call to a function of a 0 pointer. It should be treated as a delete operation but it's a function of the object itself, so no object no function.

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I'm blunted :( I can just check that pointer equals 0. Thank you :) –  gxoptg Mar 20 '12 at 18:21
deleteLater() does: QCoreApplication::postEvent(this, new QEvent(QEvent::DeferredDelete)); which in turn prints a warning "unexpected null receiver". So technically it doesn't crash, but as there is no guarantee given by the API, it's wrong to rely on that. –  Frank Osterfeld Mar 20 '12 at 19:18
In general, calling functions on null pointer is valid. In practice, when you dereference the null pointer this, it will crash. If you do thing like: if(this==NULL) return; then calling this method on null pointer is safe - comparing pointers is not dereferencing. In Qt, PostEvent to null receiver does not crash, so deleteLater will only throw a warning. It does not dereference this. pointer. You can also read more about __thiscall –  Петър Петров Jun 5 at 12:15

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