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I'm creating a custom search form using JQUERY, in the search form there's a select box where it allow the user to pick a categories they want to search in (i.e. sku, extension, etc.), an input box where they can type in what exactly are they looking with a specific category, and three radio button with an option of "and", "or", and "not". The radio should allow the user to: [a] if the user checked "and" button it allow them to search lets say this sku with this extension together as one [b] if the user checked "or" button it allow them to search this sku or that extension i.e. the sku can have a different extension where the "and" the sku and the extension have to be together as one [c] if the user checked "not" button it allow them to search for this sku NOT this extension i.e. if this sku have that extension it won't show it, instead it will show this sku with another extension

My question is "How do I do part C?" I already got it to work for the "and" and the "or" button but I couldn't get the "not" button to work.

Here is my code:

*var dataToDisplay;

    var id      = $(this).attr("id").replace("categories", "description");
    var value   = $("#"+id).val().toUpperCase();
    var isAnd   = $(".and").is(":checked");
    var isOr    = $(".or").is(":checked");
    var isNot   = $(".not").is(":checked");

    case 1://search by sku
            dataToDisplay= PRODCACHE.RefineBySku(value);
                dataToDisplay= PRODCACHE.RefineBySku(value, dataToDisplay);
                dataToDisplay= PRODCACHE.RefineBySku(value);
                /*if "not" radio is check run this code*/
        alert("Please Fill In The Missing Information");


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what are PRODCACHE and its member function RefineBySku? – Damp Mar 20 '12 at 18:35
PRODCACHE is a function that do all the talking to the java server-let. RefineBySku function will check an array of sku the data to see if the sku the user was looking for is there or not – user1281637 Mar 20 '12 at 19:04
@user1281637 so i suppose you would have to update or use another function of servlet to support getting a list of products excluding a specific value. Your servlet will have to expose that functionality in the API before you can use it with javascript – Damp Mar 20 '12 at 19:58

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