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I have a StyledText widget in an SWT app with formatted text like so:

Type                 -> Text
MessageID            -> ID:205871803-
CorrelationIDAsBytes -> [B@d1c778
Expiration           -> 0
Priority             -> 4
Timestamp            -> 1332173293715
Redelivered          -> false

However, this is what it ends up looking like: SWT StyledText Weird Whitespace

Is there some option I can turn on to make it display the whitespace "as is"?

I tried adding some style to it to get it to look right, but it still doesn't work:

        _messageDataText.addLineStyleListener( new LineStyleListener() {
            public void lineGetStyle( final LineStyleEvent lineStyleEvent ) {
                StyleRange styleRange = new StyleRange();
                styleRange.start = 0;
                styleRange.length = _messageDataText.getText().length();
                styleRange.font = new Font( Display.getCurrent(), "Arial", 12, SWT.NORMAL );
                lineStyleEvent.styles = new StyleRange[] {
                    styleRange };
        } );
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Apparently it depends on the font. If you use "Courier New" instead the whitespace lines up properly.

This is what I changed:

styleRange.font = new Font( Display.getCurrent(), "Courier New", 10, SWT.NORMAL );

Also, as a side note - it is important to reuse fonts wherever possible or you'll get nasty handle problems.

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