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I want to build a workspace with subversion, and I followed some tutorials;

  1. Install subversion --OK
  2. svnadmin create /var/svn/repos --OK
  3. rebuild the conf file (delete "#" in passwd,authz,svnserve.conf).
  4. sartup the server (svnserve -d -r /var/svn/repos) --have no return
  5. import something (svn import /var/svn/import /var/svn/repos) --also no return
  6. test the service (svn info svn://localhost/var/home/repos)


svn: warning: W160013: URL 'svn://localhost/var/svn/repos' non-existent in revision 1 svn: E200009: Could not list all targets because some targets don't exist

Which step is wrong? Did I miss something important?

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The path is wrong in step 6. svnserve interprets paths as local paths within the repository it is serving. Try this:

svn info svn://localhost/
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thanks,it works good for me. – Chopper Lee Mar 21 '12 at 3:11

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