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I've got a data structure in a variable $xml that looks like this:

object(SimpleXMLElement)#3 (1) {
  object(SimpleXMLElement)#4 (11) {
    array(1) {
      string(36) "49d996b2-ab53-41bd-8789-3d87938dc07d"
    string(9) "Pinkerton"
    string(8) "Official"
    string(10) "Jewel Case"
    string(6) "normal"
    object(SimpleXMLElement)#5 (2) {
      string(3) "eng"
      string(4) "Latn"
    object(SimpleXMLElement)#6 (1) {
      object(SimpleXMLElement)#7 (1) {
        object(SimpleXMLElement)#8 (3) {
          array(1) {
            string(36) "6fe07aa5-fec0-4eca-a456-f29bff451b04"
          string(6) "Weezer"
          string(6) "Weezer"
    string(10) "1996-09-24"
    string(2) "US"
    string(12) "720642500729"
    string(10) "B000000OVP"

How would I reference the name 'Weezer' here? Or the sort name?

Here's what I've tried:

$a = (array)$xml->release['artist-credit']; // nothing
$a = $xml->release['artist-credit']; // nothing
$a = (array)$xml->release->artist-credit; // nothing
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Properties with hyphens need to be quoted in braces so something like this:

$a = $xml->release{'artist-credit'}

Will return the artist-credit portion of the xml. So to get the name:

$name = (string)$xml->release->{'artist-credit'}->{'name-credit'}->artist->name;

Note that it needs to be cast to a string, otherwise you'll still have a SimpleXMLElement object.

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Great, thanks. $a = $xml->release{'artist-credit'} should be $a = $xml->release->{'artist-credit'} –  standardnerds Mar 20 '12 at 21:15
Also, do you know where in the reference it says 'Properties with hyphens need to be quoted in braces'? –  standardnerds Mar 20 '12 at 21:16

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