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I am loading a WebView in an Android application with the below code:


The above code is working fine in Android 2.2 and greater. But when I change my app to 2.1 I am unable to see the WebView. I am just seeing the white screen. Any suggesstions as to what might cause this?

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is that your problem ?

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yes you are correct because "onReceivedSslError" error is there from 2.2 onwards.But it is not there in 2.1,so it cannot proceed. –  user1195614 Mar 20 '12 at 19:04
How can i resolve in 2.1? –  user1195614 Mar 20 '12 at 19:05

Prior to 2.2 (and possibly later releases, for some naughty manufacturers), Android devices had not been told to trust the "VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G3" (issued in 1999), and relied instead on "Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority" (issued in 1996).

Servers that are offering a certificate chain wherein their own certificate is signed by G5, G5 is signed by G3, and G3 is self-signed, fail on Android 2.1 and earlier because 21st century browsers are expected to know that they should trust G3.

You can check your server's certificate chain by using a desktop browser and clicking on the padlock icon - ask to see certificate details, it'll usually show you a tree of certificate trust.

If your server is offering a certificate chain that ends with the self-signed G3 certificate, you need to have it changed so instead of the self-signed G3 certificate, it offers the G3 certificate signed by the 1996 certificate that Android 2.1 and earlier devices know about.

Fixing this meant that the 2.1 and 1.6 devices I tried became happy with the server.

I speculate that devices with some version of the G3 certificate built in will continue to trust G5 without reference to the G3 in the server-proffered certificate chain, so it should be OK when the 1996 certificate expires in 2028.

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