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I am currently using this simple function to get data from twitter API but my rate limit is 150 as i am not using OAuth:

public function getTweetData($idTweet){
    $url =  ''.$idTweet.'.json';
    $json = file_get_contents( $url );
    return json_decode($json, true);    

I was wondering how can i authenticate my app to get the 350 limit rate. I am currently using CakePHP framework and i am using this plugin called "CakePHP-2.x-Twitter-Plugin" to work with the twitter API:

They say that "This plugin does not support the "Twitter for Websites" Features ( like follow buttons or direct authentication."

So, is what i am looking for, a direct authentication? If so, i wouldn't be able to work with this plugin, so, which library would you recommend me for PHP to make this auth call?


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Im not sure how it would work with your plugin, but I downloaded the from here. This answer also shows the code to authenticate each time. His $content = $connection shows how to get twitter to do things like update etc

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