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Apple's "QA:1702:How to capture video frames from the camera as images using AV Foundation" is "broken"without additional ivar code.

I found a fix - but what is an ivar and what is it doing in this case?

Here is the code that has to be added to Apple's TestAVViewController.h file:

@interface TestAVViewController : UIViewController <AVCaptureVideoDataOutputSampleBufferDelegate>

@property AVCaptureSession *session;  


Here is the code that must be added to Apple's TestAVViewController.m file:

@implementation TestAVViewController
@synthesize session=ivarSession; // this creates an ivar

By adding both of those sections (which Apple does not provide), the following line will stop throwing a compilation error:

[self setSession:session];

What is the "session = ivarSession" doing that is preventing the compilation error? Why does it make Apple's code work?

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The code you added creates and initializes a member variable.

Are you sure you copied the code correctly? The version I'm looking at on the page you linked to has session defined and initialized at the top of the - (void)setupCaptureSession message and that is the only message it is used in. This really should be a local variable, not a member variable.

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