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I am working on a Windows Application,Having trouble crating a RDLC Local report.

There are just 2 text boxes in the report, One is Employee Name & another one is address.

Everything is alright but I couldn't figure out how to pass RDLC Report variable & show its value in the Report text boxes or in the report .


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Check this post:

Using the WinForms ReportViewer Control


Suppose you have a TextBox Control "TxtParameter" where you enter the employee Social Security Number.

    'Create a report parameter for the sales order number 
    Dim rpEmployeeSSN As New ReportParameter()
    rpEmployeeSSN.Name = "SocialSecurityNumber"

    'Set the report parameters for the report
    Dim parameters() As ReportParameter = {rpEmployeeSSN}

    'Refresh the report
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Hey @Nathan thanks for reply, I have everything setup & also I can see Blank reportViewer when I run the application but could't pass the parameter to the rdlc. Thanks – Pankaj Mar 21 '12 at 5:02
Check my edited response. – Nathan Apr 2 '12 at 18:01
    '+++++++++++++ passing parameter
    Dim repdate As Date = System.DateTime.Now.ToShortDateString()
    Dim params(0), myparam As ReportParameter
    Dim myparams As New List(Of ReportParameter)
    myparam = New ReportParameter("rptcrdate", repdate)
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Consider adding more information in the answer. What does above piece of code do? – ch4nd4n Dec 6 '12 at 10:51

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