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I'm trying to draw a BufferedImage to my Canvas with a varying color tint, but can't find any real working examples.

I don't want to generate a new tinted BufferedImage, but repeatedly draw a BufferedImage to my GUI in real time with varying color tints, depending on various conditions.
An image drawn with a tint color of 0xFF0000 will be drawn as a red-only image, while a tint color of 0xFFFFFF won't affect the image.

How would I accomplish such a thing using the Graphics2D instance of my control?

Thanks in advance.

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@AndrewThompson I'm afraid that there isn't anything there regarding image tinting. It does seem to say that I should use LookupOp to accomplish this, there are no examples of this. – Acidic Mar 20 '12 at 20:36

Maybe ColorTintFilter from Filthy Rich Clients book can help you. The relevant sample chapter from the book is available here.

Here is a code snippet that uses the filter:

BufferedImage image = ...;
BufferedImageOp imageFilter = new ColorTintFilter(Color.RED, 1.0f);
image = imageFilter.filter(image, null);
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