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I'm trying to find the leagues (lid) where two users are apart of.

Here are my tables:

Table leagues:

*id*    lname
 1      Hard C
 3      Fun
 5      Crazy

Table match:

*userid*   *lid* 
   1         1
   4         5
   1         3
   2         1
   4         1
   4         3

*Are primary keys

match.lid is foreign key to leagues.id (a user cannot not be part of the same league twice)

Here's what I have so far (a start):

SELECT t1.lid, t2.lname 
FROM match t1
JOIN leagues t2 on t1.lid = t2.id

So far I managed to join the two tables and get the names. My ultimate goal is to show the lid's where two users are part of the same league, say userid 1 and 4.

userid 1 is a member of lid 1 and 3

userid 4 is a member of lid 5, 1, and 3

Both users meet in league(lid) 1 and 3

So I need a query that shows only the league where both users meet. Like this:

lid    lname
 1      Hard C
 3      Fun

Since userid 1 and 4 meet in league 1 and 3, the results should show that. I can run two queries for each user and check which leagues both users meet via php, but I think it's more efficient to run one query.

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SELECT m1.lid, l.lname FROM 
`match` m1, `match` m2, leagues l
WHERE m1.lid = m2.lid AND m1.lid = l.id 
  AND m1.userid = 1 
  AND m2.userid = 4
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Simple and fast Query took 0.0004 sec –  user962449 Mar 20 '12 at 20:42

There are a few ways. The most straightforward is:

SELECT id AS lid,
  FROM leagues
        ( SELECT lid
            FROM match
           WHERE userid = 1
 AND id IN
        ( SELECT lid
            FROM match
           WHERE userid = 4

Another way, which is a bit less direct, but may perform better — you can try it and see — is to use JOIN:

SELECT id AS lid,
  FROM leagues
  JOIN match AS match1
    ON match1.lid = leagues.id
   AND match1.userid = 1
  JOIN match AS match2
    ON match2.lid = leagues.id
   AND match2.userid = 4
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