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I have a query that selects data from 4 tables via joins, i want to also count the number rows in a fifth table containing a matching foreign key.

This is what my current query looks look like, and it doesnt work

                     ph.pheed,fav.id,fav.P_id,fav.datetime as stamp,
                     COUNT(pheed_comments.comment_id) as comments
                     FROM favourite_pheeds fav
                     INNER JOIN pheeds ph ON ph.pheed_id=fav.P_id
                     INNER JOIN users u ON u.id=ph.user_id
                     INNER JOIN profiles pr ON pr.user_id=ph.user_id
                     LEFT JOIN user_avatars ava ON ava.avatar_id=pr.avatar
                     ORDER BY stamp DESC
                     LIMIT $offset,$limit";

How do i count the number rows in a fifth table containing a matching foreign key.

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If you want to find the matching count from fifth table then use INNER JOIN. –  SOaddict Mar 20 '12 at 20:26
What do you mean with doesn't work? Do you get an syntax error? Or is your result empty? –  rekire Mar 20 '12 at 20:26
@rekire yeah i get a syntax error –  MrFoh Mar 20 '12 at 20:32

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select ph.pheed_id,
    fav.datetime as stamp,
    coalesce(pcc.Count, 0) as comments_count
from favourite_pheeds fav
inner join pheeds ph on ph.pheed_id = fav.P_id
inner join users u on u.id = ph.user_id
inner join profiles pr on pr.user_id = ph.user_id
left join user_avatars ava on ava.avatar_id = pr.avatar
left outer join (
    select pheed_id, count(*) as Count
    from pheed_comments
    group by pheed_id --took a guess at the column name here
) pcc on ph.pheed_id = pcc.pheed_id
order by stamp desc 
LIMIT $offset, $limit
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