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I have a page which is part of Cache manifest (/cache).

As soon as my application is offline mode, I can open that page (http://app/cache). But if I try to access it with query string, Chrome treat it as Non-Existing and return fallback page (http://app/cache?url=1234 - does not work).

Does anyone know workaround for that?

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OK, I read somewhere that it is not actually possible. As workarond I'm passing data throught localStorage. Works for me :) –  alexanderb Mar 21 '12 at 13:37

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I would use # - has tag to pass parameters. Like this:


Browsers ignores the hashtag, but your page javascript can parse and act on it.

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It should be true that you will not be opening a page by tying the url on the browser. You will be clicking on a page to open the page. So on click call a Javascript function. Pass the querystring value to the function. save the querystring value to localstorage with a name.

When the page opens up read this value from localstorage on page load and get the value and use in your page.

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