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I want to insert a row if it doesn't already exist. If it does already exist, I want to get it's primary key. Can this be done without using two queries, for instance using a UNIQUE constraint on the columns and ON CONFLICT ... TELL ME THE CONFLICTING ROWID?

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Please note that I don't have experience with SQLite. However, after perusing the online documentation, I don't believe that it supports data-change table references, so no, this isn't possible.

My reccommendation is to write your INSERT in such a way that it won't fail if the row exists - it just won't insert a row. Something like this:

INSERT INTO destinationTable (colA, colB) 
            (SELECT :colAValue, :colBValue
             WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT '1'
                               FROM destinationTable
                               WHERE uniqueColumn = :uniqueColumn))

This works because the selection won't return a row if it already exists. You can then either look at the return code/state to see if it INSERTed a row, or just SELECT with the unique column, to get the identity column.

DON'T rely on your constraint to catch this. Constraints are to catch application errors, and this is solely a business/implementation detail.

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In a word, no. You can't, with SQLite, either INSERT data or, on some condition, SELECT it.

Other SQL engines might allow it, but SQLite can't.

What you can do is INSERT OR IGNORE, which will just not bring up an error. See http://sqlite.org/lang_conflict.html

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