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After changing the view in Eclipse I cannot get the FindBugs option on a right click of my project or any packages within it! Earlier it was visible for my view, after changing my view I tried uninstalling and installing FindBugs but I was not successful in enabling the right click option of FindBugs. Kindly let me know how to enable the FindBugs option on the right click of the project or any of its packages in eclipse??

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It should be visible in any view, at least when you right click in a particular file. To run on an entire project you need to be in the Java view, I believe. First question, have you restarted eclipse since installing it? –  viking Mar 20 '12 at 20:53
Yes I restarted eclipse after installing it and it was working for me for the previous view . After doing multiple restarts I found that the package structure was incorrect in eclipse . So I copied the .project and .classpath files from my previous view into my new view and it worked , my bad . But yes it was showing me the findbugs option on right clicking every file it just wasnt showing the findbugs option at the package level. –  Sachino Cruise Mar 22 '12 at 21:45

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