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i have day, month, year, value columns in one table, here i need to get every week average value in one month. how to get that. please help me regarding this.

select avg(value) from table group by month 

gives month average.

select avg(value) from table group by day

gives day average. but how to get week average from month field.

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Can you post some sample data...? – SOaddict Mar 20 '12 at 20:55
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You can't "get weeks from a month" as one is not a subset of the other.
The number of days (and hence weeks) in 1 month varies from month to month and only in non-leap years - and in February only - are there exactly 4 weeks in a month.

You should use the original date field and use a date function to limit/group the data by week.
get the week in mySQL with
DATE_FORMAT($yourDate, \'%X %V\') as week

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@RameshK, Michael is correct. some month's may start on say.. Tue, Wed or Thu. So that leaves a half/week at the beginning and possibly at the end too. Look at Feb 2012... 5 weeks total, first and last partial. How would that accurately portray an "average"... – DRapp Mar 21 '12 at 0:47

There might be a better way, but my first thought is to write a query that calculates the week of the year for each day and groups them.

Something like:

SELECT avg(value) FROM table GROUP BY WEEKOFYEAR(CONCAT(year, '-', month, '-', day))
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