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I need to do something like this:

Section 1, Chapter 1 title is "Dogs"

Section 1, Chapter 2 title is "Cats"

Section 2, Chapter 1 title is: "Goldfish"

I want to be able to write it something like this, with arrays:

section[0].chapter[0] = "Dogs";
section[0].chapter[1] = "Cats";
section[1].chapter[0] = "Goldfish";
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Yes. What trouble are you having? –  Brad Mar 20 '12 at 20:54

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This other post on stackoverflow has some answeres on how to create 2-dimensional arrays. How to create a two dimensional array in JavaScript?

Or you could use a "class", though this may be needlessly complex...

function Section ()
  this.Chapters = new Array( 10 );

function CreateSection ()
  var sections = new Array ( 10 );

  sections[0] = new Section ();
  sections[0].Chapters[0] = "dogs";

  alert (  sections[0].Chapters[0] );
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Thanks! The multidimensional array is what I'm looking for... I saw an example on it before but it didn't seem to work, the approach was a little different. –  Orb Hitter Mar 20 '12 at 21:52

do you mean like a Multi Dimentional Array?

How to create a two dimensional array in JavaScript?

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