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Is there any open source collection framework, written in ActionScript that would emulate HashMap, HashSet, LinkedHashMap and LinkedHashSet Java class implementations.

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AS3Commons Collections include (besides others):

  • ArrayList, SortedList
  • Set, LinkedSet, SortedSet
  • Map, LinkedMap, SortedMap
  • LinkedList, Treap

The project is currently the first address for a serious AS collections framework: It consists of a high level framework architecture, the most comprehensive set of different collections and the fastest collection implementations. Additionally, most of the collections come in a bindable version to be connected to user interfaces.

AS3Commons Collections | .../as3commons-collections/

Collections Performance Tests | .../collections-framework-performance-comparision/

AS3Commons Organization | http://as3commons.org/

And, yes, I am the author :-)

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Eric Feminella's HashMap is very nice.

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Check the Lite Collections for ActionScript 3. We are currently talking with the author about making this an AS3Commons project.

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Have a look at AS3 Data Structures (AS3Ds) by polygonal

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-1 no updates, no wiki, no issues and only 6 files in library –  Tom Nov 27 '13 at 14:11
@Tom : updated the link (was 2 years old...) –  OXMO456 Nov 29 '13 at 0:46

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