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I am experiencing an annoying problem with sshuttle running it on 10.7.3, MBA with the latest firmware update -- after I stop it (ctrl+c twice), or loose connection, or close the lid, I cannot restore it until I restart the system. The restarting takes notably more time, than it would normally take. I have tried to flush ipfw rules - not helping.

Could you advice me how to restore sshuttle connection (without restarting os)?

The following processes remain running as root, which I do not know how to kill (tried sudo kill -9 <pid> with no luck):

root   14464    python ./main.py python -v -v --firewall 12296 12296
root   14396    python ./main.py python -v -v --firewall 12297 12297
root   14306    python ./main.py python -v -v --firewall 12298 12298
root    3678    python ./main.py python -v -v --firewall 12299 12299
root    2263    python ./main.py python -v -v --firewall 12300 12300

The command I use to run proxy:

./sshuttle --dns -r andrei@example.com -vv

The last message I get trying to restore the connection:

firewall manager: starting transproxy.
 s:   Ready: 1 r=[4] w=[] x=[]
 s: <  channel=0 cmd=PING len=7
 s:  > channel=0 cmd=PONG len=7 (fullness=554)
 s: mux wrote: 15/15
 s: Waiting: 1 r=[4] w=[] x=[] (fullness=561/0)
>> ipfw -q add 12300 check-state ip from any to any
>> ipfw -q add 12300 skipto 12301 tcp from any to
>> ipfw -q add 12300 fwd,12300 tcp from any to not ipttl 42 keep-state setup
>> ipfw -q add 12300 divert 12300 udp from any to 53 not ipttl 42
>> ipfw -q add 12300 divert 12300 udp from any 12300 to any not ipttl 42


$ ps -ajx | grep python
root            1611     1  1611 ffffff800d8b4e60    0 Us     ??    0:06.49 python ./main.py python -v -v --firewall 12300 12300
root           48844     1 48844 ffffff800d8b3b20    0 Us     ??    0:00.05 python ./main.py python -v -v --firewall 12299 12299
andrei         58541 55898 58540 ffffff800d8b40a0    2 R+   s000    0:00.01 grep python
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This should probably be a question for superuser –  Etienne Perot Apr 5 '12 at 7:08
No u flag? I haven't used osx but there has to be a way to find more info about the state of processes. And I agree with @Etienne, this probably fits better at superuser. –  ypercube Apr 5 '12 at 7:09
I agree that it is more superuser question, but sshuttle is a Python script and there is a lot more python programmers here than on superuser. It will take ages to get an answer there. I've already tried mailing list for sshuttle and asking the author directly - no answer. Here is a man page for ps: unix.com/man-page/OSX/1/ps –  Andrei Apr 5 '12 at 7:54
superuser.com: if it's alive in your PC, we can kill it. –  karlphillip Apr 5 '12 at 17:34
Or to be exact, you can send them a signal with kill but the signal is not delivered to the process until it moves from the I/O queue to the Runnable processes queue. –  ypercube Apr 7 '12 at 0:39