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In Ruby I have the following:

# Trap Interrupts
trap("INT") do
    puts "Shutting down..."

When I interrupt the program, the following is printed (Mac OSX Lion):

^CShutting down...

Is there any way to hide ^C from within Ruby?

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Begin the exit message with a 'C' (something like Closing link...) and then omitting the 'C' :) (Still would have the ^ though) – itdoesntwork Mar 21 '12 at 2:01
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Whether control characters are echoed is a property of the tty you're using. stty -echoctl is the Unix way to disable echoing of control characters. You can run this command from within your Ruby script and achieve the same effect if you're using a Unix-ish system.

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I've found that in my Python programs on Linux and Mac OS X terminals I can hide the ^C by starting the message with a carriage return (\r). It feels like a hack but it works just fine.

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