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Our team replaced a submit button with the following anchor tag:

<a class="l-btn" onclick="onFormSubmit(this.form)" Style="width: 80px; text-align:center;"> 
<span class="l-btn-left"> 
<span class="l-btn-text">Save</span> 

I retrieved xpath from XPather, and tried to use from canoo webtest to click on it, but received "failed: Link not found".

Does anyone know how to simulate click on the above?


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What if you add an HREF? –  mplungjan Jun 6 '12 at 11:34

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<clickLink xpath="//a[@class='l-btn']" description="Click first a tag with class l-btn" />

See clickLink documentation

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clickLink xpath="//a[contains(@onclick,'onFormSubmit')]

description="click link with onclick property that contain the word

will look for the link with xpath property onclick that contain a value 'onFormSubmit'

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