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i have a project to carry out. I need a simple web app or website ( for recruitment ) done in html, prolog or php & mysql. that can upload either doc. file or pdf file, read the content into the DB and sort the content with some specific key values. I don`t if you can help me with the codes that can upload file and read it into database and sort with some specific key values. thanking you

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The question is not clear at all, as to what you exactly what to do and how you want it to be done. HTML, PHP MySQL and Prolog are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT things. Prolog is generally used in the AI expert system program development, although it could be Embedded with a PHP script as well.

However I suppose what you require is to read a particular document after being uploaded into a database. Thereafter it should be categorized based on a given Key value. There appears to be a similar question posted here on reading files in PHP. Anyhow I think this link would be helpful to you

I am not sure whether you want to sort the files itself, or else search the document and sort them accordingly

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