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I've seen backbone views (or models, collections etc), declared like this

var SomeView = Backbone.View.extend({...

I've also seen them declared like this

window.SomeView = Backbone.View.extend({...

Could someone please explain the pros/cons in each case?

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Really it does the same thing:

However example goes with the first example and would be understood by a larger audience.

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Thought it might be - thanks for the clarification. – UpTheCreek Mar 20 '12 at 23:25

Some people prefer to have only one global variable (important for libraries, not so much for normal pages) and use something like:

var MyApp = {
   Models: {},
   Collections: {},
   Views: {}

and then for each view:

MyApp.Views.SomeView = Backbone.View.extend({...
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