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I am having to build maven (3.0.4) projects offline. I have built the project and populated my local repository (users//.m2/repository), which I zipped up and then deployed onto my offline build server (it is cut off from internet).

I then created my .m2/repository in my home directory (same directory), then tried building. My jars built fine. However, when building wars, it complains about not-finding artifact such as org.apache.camel.camel-core for the 2.9-SNAPSHOT, which I can see is there in my repository in org\camel\camel-core\2.9-SNAPSHOT, which has the jar, pom, sha1 files, _maven.repositories, etc. I get this error for various apache jars (and likely others too). If I go back to my original build machine, unplug the ethernet cable and disconnect from wireless networks, then repeat the build (mvn -o install), it builds fine.

I have tried renaming my respository then retried just to make sure it's pointing to my home directory, it as expected, creates a new repository directory then fails (remember, building offline). I copied the contents of my old repo there, then rebuilt just the jar side of things, and it does work, I deleted the directory where my code builds into, it's regenerated and re-populated as expected. But when I try to build the war, it just complains about missing artifacts (which are there in my repository) then fails.

I have compared the two repositories from the apache\camel perspective, they appear to be identical (same datetime) and same number of files (identical filenames). I have searched inside my repo for the same name (dir /s *camel*core*), and there is only one directory that has the 2.9 snapshot of camel-core.

I am forbidden from accessing the internet on this machine, and I must build on this machine (don't ask!). What can I do?

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Oddly enough, if I modify the version in the pom file (say, apache-camel and change it from 2.9-SNAPSHOT to 2.9-MARC, copy the 2.9-SNAPSHOT directory and rename the copy to 2.9-MARC, rename the jar/pom within, and modify the renamed pom with the 2.9-MARC version, then I get past the camel-core missing artifact. I doublechecked the folder permissions between my copy and the original, they match, security identical, attributes identical (not hidden, not read-only. Ditto for the files within. Hack works only with versions defined in pom's, and I don't want to use the hack. – Marc Towersap Mar 22 '12 at 16:36
and it's only for some jars/pom's, not others. I see no pattern. It pukes on both snapshot and release versions, apache-camel, xercesImpl, but not others (log4J and other apache jars/poms work fine) – Marc Towersap Mar 22 '12 at 16:49
ah, I got my answer! – Marc Towersap Mar 22 '12 at 19:36

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