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I have some table DOCUMENTS that have a column TYPE_ID and a table named TYPES Now I want to make a query which filter on my DOCUMENTS all the document that have a list of TYPE_ID that can be a single element or sort of elements

The normal query is:

Select * From DOCUMENTS Where TYPE_ID = myValue

But when it can be a list of known elements the wuery looks like

Select * From DOCUMENTS Where TYPE_ID = myValue1 or TYPE_ID = myValue2 or TYPE_ID = myValue3

But if you have n elements.... how can this query be done?

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You want the IN Clause :

FROM  Documents 
WHERE Type_ID IN (myValue1, myValue2, myValue3)

As a side note, if you're new to this clause you cannot do something like :

@myVar = '1,2,3'
select * FROM Documents where Type_ID in (@myVar)

There are solutions for something like this. But I point it out because it seems to come up when people are new to the IN clause.

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+1 for being polite! –  KM. Mar 26 '12 at 20:32

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