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I have seen a few OSX apps that have a Special Characters menu item in their Edit menu. For example Safari.

Clicking it brings up the so-called Character Viewer.

How can this be achieved by a Java Swing app?

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On Mac OS X 10.8 you'll find the Character Viewer app here:

/System/Library/Input Methods/CharacterPalette.app

I think the easiest way to run this from a Java app is by using executing the process:

new ProcessBuilder("/System/Library/Input Methods/CharacterPalette.app/Contents/MacOS/CharacterPalette").start();
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Thanks Steve Mcleod. I'm a little concerned about the 'hard coding' of the path but it works on my iMac. Maybe the path is held somewhere 'soft'... –  Lyndon Mar 21 '12 at 18:36

FontShower is an applet that displays a list of available fonts, including the installed logical fonts, and a selection of available glyphs, sizes and colors.

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