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How do I allow "rpc.php" to get not redirected by this line in apache .htaccess

 RedirectMatch 403 /+(soap|cache|xtemplate|data|examples|include|log4php|metadata|modules)/+.*\.(php|tpl)

I got a couple options but not sure the best approach.

  • Would a negative lookahead regex work? I tried a couple variations with no luck.
  • Perhaps there is a way to put an explicit allow either before or after the RedirectMatch


For those wondering why. I'm developing for sugarcrm. The application includes the line above in a .htaccess file for the entire web app.

I'm trying to allow rpc.php to enable a spellchecker in TinyMCE.

I'd have to signifigantly rewrite TinyMCE's spellchecker plugin to support the proper MVC way of doing this in SugarCRM which i'd like to avoid.

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Does this work?

RedirectMatch 403 /+(soap|cache|xtemplate|data|examples|include|log4php|metadata|modules)/+((?!rpc).)*\.(php|tpl)

This should match stuff like /soap/something.php but NOT /soap/rpc.php

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Exactly what I was looking for. I was totally botching my regex. ((?!rpc).)* is genius. Thanks again. – blak3r Mar 21 '12 at 16:02

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