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I declared a variadic function/method in a Obj-C class like this:

@interface Foo
+ (void) print: (id) firstMessage, ...;

+ (void) print: (id) firstMessage, ...{
    va_list ap
    va_start (ap, firstMessage)
    for (id message = firstMessage; message != nil; message = va_arg(ap, id)){
        NSLog(@"message: %@", message);

This works on Obj-C function call like this:

[Foo print: @"Hello, world.", @"I'm Xavier.", nil];

The console would print:

=> Hello, world.
=> I'm Xavier.

But it doesn't work when I call the function call in MacRuby:

Foo.print (@"Hello, world.", @"I'm Xavier.", nil)

The console then prints:

=> Hello, world.
=> Hello, world.
=> (lldb)

Yes, it prints the first message twice! And then it crashes.

I found that the assignment "message = va_arg(ap, id)" doesn't work. The message obj doesn't not change. I thought it might be a problem within MacRuby (version 0.10).

I thought that MacRuby only takes the first argument and pass it to the Obj-C method. Doesn't it? Am I wrong?

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You will need to generate a bridge support file for your Objective-C class.


You can find the full details on how to do this by reading the man page for gen_bridge_metadata. If your Obj-C class is part of a framework, using the framework method in MacRuby will also include the correct bridge support file. If you are linking directly, you may need to use Kernel.load_bridge_support_file.


MacRuby cannot infer from runtime metadata whether or not a method is variadic. This, combined with the fact that variadic methods have a different calling convention than non-variadic methods, means that MacRuby will always crash when calling a variadic method unless it is somehow informed ahead of time that it needs to use the variadic calling convention. This is what Bridge Support provides.

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